Building Diagnostic

See all thermal bridges
& heat leaks in your house.

měření domácnosti

from 990,-

Buying or Selling?

Inspect thernal nature
of the buy/sell building.

Prodej a koupě

from 990,-

Quality inspection

thermocamera - infracamera
can check final work quality.

Kontroly zateplení - prací

from 990,-

Leak detection

Search for the leak
source in your building.

Hledání poruch

from 690,-

Thermocamera inspection

Using thermocamera is very actual for its very wide area of usage. Everyday we are facing the heat leaks or mold formation. All those articles could bring in better case higher invoices for heating / energy - or in worst case your own health (e.g. mold formation)

Save the money!

Lower cost by saving the energy and better raise the value of your own property Using thermocamera you can detect:

    ■ heat leaks out of your building (because of reconstruction or buying)
    ■ building constructions issues (heat bridges, mold formation)
    ■ poorly managed building work (don't be fooled! )
    ■ bad sectors on solar panels and colectors
    ■ leaks of liquid or gass from closed systems

By one time charge ~100Kč you can save many times more by preventing the root cause. Using professional thermocarema we can tell you where the "root" is raising.

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Prices (include all taxes and valid sice 8.2.2015)

Home thermal inspection

□ floor area no more 59,9m2:

□ floor area from 60m2 to 89,9m2:

□ floor area from 90m2 to 119,9m2:

□ floor area from 120m2 to 159,9m2:

□ floor area from 160m2 to 239,9m2:

□ floor area over 240m2:

Transport on site

□ in Brno:

□ over Brno:

Customer feedback

Daniela 25.1.2016
Very professional, fast response, cheap, recommended to everyone, good job.

Andrew 28.12.2015
Inspectin without any problem.

Thomas 3.4.2015
Tahnk you for perfect service. Now we know where we have water leask. I d recommend this company to everyone.

Barbara 21.2.2015
Inspection and main report absolutly perfect. I recommend it.